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Wood Springs 2 Fire

Unit Information

Navajo Region Fire and Aviation Management
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Navajo Route 12 Bldg #264 Ft. Defiance AZ 86504 Arizona
Window Rock, AZ 86515

BIA Shield

Announcements — Wood Springs 2 Fire

Smoke Report for July 4, 2020 Released: 7/4/2020
 Full Smoke Report for July 4,
Smoke Report for July 3, 2020 Released: 7/3/2020
 Full Smoke Report for July 3,
Smoke Report for July 2, 2020 Released: 7/2/2020
 Full Smoke Report for July 2,
Crews Conduct Firing Operations: Smoke Expected Released: 7/1/2020
Crews will be burning along Route 7 throughout the afternoon and into the evening, in a continued effort to prevent the fire from crossing east over the road. Smoke is expected. (Date:
Smoke Report for July 1, 2020 Released: 7/1/2020
Full Smoke Report Report for July 1,
Smoke Expected Near Fluted Rock on June 30, 2020 Released: 6/30/2020
Residents in the Fluted Rock Lake area may see smoke near the intersection of Route 7 and N-26 this afternoon, June 30,2020. Crews are burning near the corner of Route 7 and N-26 to keep the Wood...
Affected Communities Released: 6/30/2020
 The communities of Sawmill and Fluted Rock are on high alert. Please begin collecting important items and be ready to evacuate. If you are evacuated, please contact your local chapter house for...