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Bean Complex

Unit Information

Alaska Fire Service - Tanana Zone
Bureau of Land Management
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

BLM Shield

Incident Contact

Fire Information
Phone: 907-356-5511
Hours: 9 am to 4 pm

Highlighted Activity

08/03/2022 Bean Complex Update August 3, 2022
 Bean Complex Wildfire Fact Sheet Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 4 returned command of the Bean Complex to the BLM Alaska Fire Service Tanana Fire..
News - 08/03/2022
Boats are used to transport firefighters to fires in remote areas near Tanana River. Bow of boat moving on the river with a fire tool.Image options: [ Full Size ]

 The Bean Complex fires began from lightning between June 19 and June 23. The fires are burning on lands managed by Doyon Ltd., USDI Bureau of Land Management, and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, generally along the Tanana Valley west of Fairbanks extending to the Cosna River. Fire protection is under the Alaska Fire Service.

This complex is comprised of seven fires. The fire numbers and names are:

310 Tanana River
312 Bitzshitini
315 Chitanana
327 Hutlinana
557 Rock
561 Elephant
564 Cosna 

All of these fires are in patrol monitor status. Recent rains, lower temperatures, and higher humidity have stopped fire growth.

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypeWildfire
Date of OriginSaturday June 25th, 2022 approx. 04:00 PM
LocationWest of Fairbanks, some fires up to 130 miles
Incident CommanderBLM Alaska Fire Service Tanana Fire Management Zone
Incident DescriptionWildfire
Coordinates64.875 latitude, -151.641 longitude

Current Situation

Total Personnel51
Size197,255 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained98%
Estimated Containment DateSaturday October 01st, 2022 approx. 12:00 AM
Fuels Involved

Timber fuels are a mix of Black Spruce, mixed hardwoods, timber litter, and stands of hardwood and conifer mixed. Fuels in more recently burned areas consists of various grass, brush, and timber reproduction. High relative humidity and precipitation is raising and maintaining high fuel moistures and reducing spread potential.

Significant Events

Fire behavior remains smoldering. Subsurface hot spots remain scattered all across the complex and will likely continue to smolder deep in the duff layers, until enough rain has fallen to completely extinguish the fire. Nightly humidity recovery will assist in keeping fire behavior at a minimum. Threat to values is not expected.


Planned Actions

310 (Tanana River): Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

312 (Bitzshitini): Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

315: (Chitanana): Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

327 (Hutlinana): Contained and controlled (7/21/22). Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

557 (Rock): Contained and controlled (7/18/22). Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

561 (Elephant): Contained and controlled(7/18/22).Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

564 (Cosna Bluff): Controlled and out(8/18/22). Unstaffed and being monitored by air resources.

582 (Manley Dump): Contained and controlled (7/21/22).

Projected Incident Activity

24 hours: Precipitation and high humidities will extend the drying time for fuels. Minimal fire behavior expected as fuel accumulations continue to consume and smolder.

48 hours: Southwest flow will bring below normal temperatures and increased humidity. Fire behavior will remain very low as fire danger indexes have moderated from previous extreme conditions. No predicted growth or activity expected. Smoldering will continue until enough precipitation has occurred to extinguish the isolated heat.


Cause of all fires comprising the Complex is lightning.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

A series of low pressure systems located in the Bering Sea will continue to enter the complex area. This pattern will continually bring South/Southwest flow which is associated with cool temperatures and increased chances of moisture.