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Prescribed Fire Projects 2021

Unit Information

Malheur National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
431 Patterson Bridge Rd
John Day, OR 97845

USFS Shield

Incident Contact

Malheur National Forest
Phone: (541) 575-3000
Hours: M-F 8 am to 4:30 pm

Image from Murderers Creek 6 prescribed fire area showing low burning flames.Image options: [ Full Size ]

Please take a moment to at the links section of this page to see information in regards to smoke and the USFS R6 Tri-Forest Prescribed Fire Map.  


With the recent extreme dry heat, the Murderers Creek unit 6 has begun to produce visible smoke for the past few days, as seen in the attached image. There is a small pocket that is consuming the unburned fuels and is within the unit inside of control lines. When a prescribed fire is initiated resources work from the outside of the unit to widen control features to buffer these lines (roads and hand lines).  This adds depth to the fire perimeter.  Consuming fuels more completely in this manner makes it harder for a fire to move at high rates towards the perimeter, lessening the likelihood of the fire to escape (or exit) the unit. The intent is to let the fire consume the interior pockets of unburned fuels. It won’t likely be put out and mopped up. The perimeters of the fire are patrolled daily by suppression resources and Flagtail lookout has a good view of the prescribed fire.  Photos taken by the lookout will be uploaded daily on the Prescribed Fire Operations Inciweb page:
    Smoldering fire is exposed to the sun and heat, this could increase activity. Potential for slight increases in flame length which would result in additional smoke creation is likely to occur. This may cause additional smoke and be visible from distances further away. The majority of unburned islands are well interior of the boundary of the unit. Mosaically burned areas along any boundaries (of all units) will be patrolled on a regular basis. Public can expect to see fire resources in the unit areas.  

  For the safety of firefighters and the public, roads and areas of prescribed fire activity will be signed. Please avoid these areas so as not to interfere with ongoing operations. For safety, roads, trails and areas may need to close temporarily as firefighter operations are taking place. Smoky conditions may also reduce visibility to a level that would require additional temporary closures. During prescribed fire operations, there is potential for impacts to camping and hunting. Hunters are advised to plan ahead, for their safety they should not camp in or near an area of prescribed fire activity.

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypePrescribed Fire
Coordinates44.418 latitude, -118.952 longitude