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SHF Lightning Fires 2019

Unit Information

Shasta-Trinity National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
3644 Avtech Parkway
Redding, CA 96002

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

Josef Orosz
Phone: 530-226-2322
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm

Carol Underhill
Phone: 530-226-2494

Highlighted Activity

08/19/2019 August 19, 2019 SHF Lightning Update (Final)
As of this morning, all 35 lightning fires that began after the August 9-10th lightning event are under control, or have been declared out. This will be the last lightning update unless additional...
News - 08/19/2019

Lightning storms moving through the area have ignited several dozen fires. Forest officials and firefighters closely monitor these storms and use a combination of aerial reconnaissance flights, fire engines patrols, and reports of fire activity from the public in order to respond quickly and determine potential growth activity of the fires and develop appropriate response activity. Reconnaissance flights are part of our normal operating plan after lightning storms.

Below we have listed each fire by the time the fire was reported, the name given to the fire, the approximate location and estimated fire size (if known) and current status. Any large fires will have a new "incident" page started in InciWeb.

South Fork Management Unit (Hayfork and Platina area)

08/09/2019 19:56, PINE, W of Brushy Mtn, 0.25, acre, Out

Trinity River Management Unit (Weaverville, Big Bar, Trinity Lake, Trinity Alps)

08/10/2019 19:11, MONTGOMERY, Montgomery Ridge near Hwy 3 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 07:21, TANGLE, Tangle Blue Creek and Hwy 3, 0.1 acre, Out
08/11/2019 12:51, STONEY, Stoney Point Trinity Lake, 0.1 acre, Out
08/12/2019 13:22, SUNFLOWER, Near Sunflower Creek, 0.5 acre, Out

08/12/2019 15:00, SHERER, S of Sherer Ridge, 0.71 acre, Patrol
08/12/2019 15:00, BARNUM, Near Big French Creek, 1.7 acres, Patrol

08/12/2019 16:00, PANSY, Near Swift Creek, 0.75 acres, Out
08/12/2019 16:00, BUSHY, Granite Peak Rd, .75 acres, Out
08/13/2019 16:00, COFFEE, Near Billy’ Peak, 0.1 acre, Out
08/13/2019 16:06, RIDGE, NE of Sunflower Flat, 0.1 acre, Out

Shasta Lake Ranger District and the National Recreation Area (Shasta Lake)

08/10/2019 09:15, DONEY, NW of Lakehead, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 11:21, DOOLES, N of Salt Creek Mtn, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 10:41, SPRING, Across canyon from Prospect Creek, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 11:24, SALT, N of Salt Creek Mtn, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 19:00, CHARLIE, NW of Lakeshore East, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 09:57, PROSPECT, W of Shoeinhorse Mtn, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 07:14, BRUSHY, Near Brushy Canyon, 0.25 acre, Out
08/10/2019 09:57, HAPPY, Happy Hunting Grounds, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 17:58, HUNTING, W of Iron Canyon Reservoir, 0.1 acre, Out
08/11/2019,12:45, HOOVER, Squaw Arm Shasta Lake, 0.5 acre, Out
08/11/2019 10:44, MUDDY, East side of Garden Ridge, 3.5 acres, Out

Shasta McCloud Management Unit (Mt Shasta and McCloud area)

08/10/2019 11:28, ZOT, Near Hazel Creek Rd, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 13:15, TOAD, E of Toad Mtn, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 16:41, CINDER, E of Hotlum near Cinder Cone, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 16:16, BEAR, N of Gumboot Lake, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 19:25, FISCHER, Across from Sims Flat, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 12:13, SISSON, Rocky high elevation on Mt Eddy, 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 16:17, WHITE, N of Bear Ridge, S of 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 15:53, FRENCH, W of Sugarloaf 0.1 acre, Out
08/10/2019 20:01, PICAYUNE, W of Porcupine Lake, 0.1 acre, Out
08/12/2019 16:54, GAZELLE, Near Dewey Mine, 0.1 acre, Out
08/13/2019 16:46, CRATER, Near Harris Mtn, 0.1 acre, Out
08/12/2019 17:30, TRINITY, NE of Sherer Ridge, 5.5 acres, Out
08/16/2019 09:37, NORTHGATE, Northgate gate trail head on Mt Shasta, 0.1 acre, Out

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypeWildfire
Coordinates41.063 latitude, -122.638 longitude


Planned Actions

Resources responding to these lightning fires can include: helicopters, air tankers, smokejumpers, crews and engines.

Projected Incident Activity

Aerial reconnaissance flights will continue to monitor all fires for growth and development and to identify any new fires.


Fire information will be updated daily or as changes occur.

For current fire activity information, please call the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Public Affairs Office at (530) 226-2322 or 226-2494.

For more information on past lightning fire activity, please see the 'News' Tab or contact the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Public Affairs Office at the above listed number.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

Dry fuels, possible ignitions from lightning strikes