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Garner Complex

Unit Information

Southwest Oregon District - Oregon Department of Forestry
5286 Table Rock Road
Central Point, OR 97502

This incident is no longer being updated.

Crews dig out residual heat from under a large logImage options: [ Full Size ]

The Garner Complex is an 8,800 acre wildfire north of the community of Rogue River in Jackson County, Oregon. The Florida Type 1 Incident Management Red Team is tasked with incident management.

The Complex is burning in a checkerboard mix of lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and private landowners. The steep rocky terrain and historically high temperatures presented challenges for fire suppression efforts. The fire threatened valuable several hundred residences, private timber lands and habitat for threatened species.

A region-wide lightning storm on July 15, 2018 ignited the 12 fires that became the Garner Complex. The Taylor Fire was added to the Complex and later grew to a point where it required its own management team.

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypeWildfire
Date of OriginSunday July 15th, 2018 approx. 09:00 AM
LocationGrave Ck - 17 Mi NE Grants Pass, Spencer CK-10 mi. S of GP
Incident CommanderRick Dolan
Incident DescriptionWildfire
Coordinates42.69 latitude, -123.18 longitude

Current Situation

Total Personnel633
Size8,886 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained85%
Fuels Involved

Timber (litter and understory)

Timber (grass and understory)

Medium Logging Slash


Fuel profile includes conifer timber stands of various size and condition, untreated harvest slash, and various age conifer plantations with grass and shrubs.

Significant Events





Graves Fire: Minimal activity within 200 feet of the perimeter. Mop up and suppression repair are underway.


Planned Actions

Continue to secure fire perimeters and continue mop-up on fires in the Garner Complex. Continue suppression repairs on portions of the Pleasant and Grave Fire.

Projected Incident Activity

12 Hours: Nighttime RH recovery expected to gradually worsen and burning period will get longer.


Six National Guard crews continuing work on the line.

Block 7: Graves Fires 7,816 acres, Pleasant Creek 836 acres, Spencer 228 acres, King Mountain 6 acres.

ODF $43,243,986; OSFM $3,969,998. Cost include Tayler fire up to July 29, 2018 at 2400 hrs.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

Todays weather: Maximum temperature 96, winds 1 mph gusts to 3 mph, minimum relative humidity 26%.As an upper ridge of high pressure builds over the fire, temperatures will trend warmer and humidity will trend lower through Thursday. Wednesday will trend about 5 degrees warmer and humidity will trend about 5 percent lower compared to Tuesday. Overnight humidity recovery will be moderate on Wednesday night. Winds should be similar on Wednesday afternoon compared to Tuesday. On Thursday an upper trough will approach the area, and winds will trend 10 to 20 percent higher compared to Wednesday.Temperatures and humidity should be similar or slightly drier conditions. Afternoon northwest winds will be particularly gusty on Friday.