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Hoosier National Forest Prescribed Burns

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Hoosier National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Bedford, IN 47421

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This incident is no longer being updated.

Image shows a firefighterwearing full fire gear and carrying a red container in the foreground. In the background, there is a patch of burned ground surrounded by low flames.Image options: [ Full Size ]

Fire managers on the Hoosier National Forest (NF) intend to begin utilizing prescribed fire as a forest management tool in the coming weeks. All project initiation is dependent upon several factors, including but not limited to favorable weather and site conditions. Each of the areas has been identified to improve wildlife habitat or restore woodlands. In some cases wetlands or barrens are being restored; in others, the fire is used for wildlife opening or dam maintenance.
At this time there are areas planned in Brown, Crawford, Jackson, Lawrence, Orange, Martin, and Perry Counties.
This spring burning season has ended. Burns that have not been marked complete are slated to be completed this fall or next spring season.

Brown County:
Harris – 91 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Ogala – 131 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Jackson County:
Fork Ridge – 659 Acres – Oak-hickory regeneration
Lawrence County:
Bonds Complex, “J” unit – 15 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Orange County:
Bonds Complex, “Bottle” unit – 40 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Bonds Complex, “Bonds” unit – 70 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Hagar – 105 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement
Roland – 268 Acres – wetland maintenance and wildlife habitat improvement
Wesley Chapel South – 88 acres – wildlife habitat improvement
Martin County:
Butler Bridge Complex:
-“Schoolhouse” unit – 5 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
-“Peggy Hollow” unit – 39 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement
-“Buck Creek” unit - 23 Acres – wetland maintenance and wildlife habitat improvement
Crawford County:
Harvey Flat – 44 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Deuchars – 348 Acres – oak and hickory regeneration - COMPLETE
Mifflin - 46 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Bird Cemetery – 25 acres of grassland between Deuchars and Alton - COMPLETE
Kiln – 35 acres of grassland near Mifflin - COMPLETE
Schmidt – 28 acres of grassland near Hemlock Cliffs Perry County: - COMPLETE
Perry County:
Diamond/House Branch – 981 Acres – woodland restoration
Grove North – 477 Acres – oak and hickory regeneration - COMPLETE
Haskins - 122 Acres – wildlife habitat improvement - COMPLETE
Saddle Dam – 14 Acres – vetch removal
Rattlesnake North and South – 1077 Acres – woodland restoration

Each burn area required a different “prescription,” which determined what wind direction and speed, temperature and fuel moistures are required for any planned burn to proceed. There are a limited number of days during the year that are suitable for prescribed burning, so Hoosier NF staff are prepped and ready to take advantage of any windows that occur.
Each area will be closed to the public on the day of the burn and for some time after until the area is considered safe. If there are a significant number of burning snags, the area may be closed for several days for public safety. Signs will be posted along the fire line and at any logical entry points into the area. Hunters and other recreationists are asked to use caution and pay particular attention to signs posted in areas they plan to utilize.

The exact date of each burn is dependent on weather and fuel conditions. Hoosier NF staff will notify the public in the immediate area of a prescribed burn unit by letter. Anyone who would like to know specific planned dates for ignition, they can request a call from Forest dispatch when a decision to burn has been made for any planned area. In particular, people with medical issues such as asthma or emphysema who live immediately around a prescribed burn area might want to request dispatch notification.

For questions on the prescribed burns or to request notifications, please contact the Indiana Interagency Coordination Center Dispatcher at 812-547-9262.

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