Dinkey South Understory

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Dinkey South Understory


Approximate Location

37.035 latitude, -119.135 longitude

Incident Overview

10/11/2017 We continue chipping away at the Dinkey South under burn. We moved in to unit Unit DS-3 late last week and it was broken up in to 2 segments due to heavy fuel loadings. By breaking it up into 2 segments (appx. two-75 acre segments) it allowed us to provide more attention to those areas of heavy accumulations in an effort to control flame lengths and fire effects. After many, many years of fuel accumulation in the area, patients was necessary and it has taken us a little more time than anticipated to move through the unit. Thursday the 5th brought a dry air mass over the burn area which put us in and out of prescription throughout the day in regards to the target Relative Humidity values, thus constraining to a blacklining tactic for the day (15-20 acres). On Friday the 6th, there was a bit of a relief and the crews were able to finish off the remaining 60 acres with good results. It was decided that since the dry weather pattern was predicted to remain the same through the weekend, on into the early part of the following week (Monday 9th), the burn team decided that it would be wise to hold what we had and to put the burn in to patrol status until the expected relief came

10/04/2017 Yesterday was the beginning of the Fall understory burn season for the High Sierra RD and operations ran smoothly throughout the day. Units DS-6 and DS-7 were the target units for the day and it was estimated that 40 acres of blacklining on DS-6 was accomplished by end of shift. First order fire effects were excellent and objectives were being met throughout the day. Typically blacklining efforts require some patience to ensure that the control lines are adequately buffered to minimize the potential for escape throughout the project’s duration. Additional resources are typically used during this time period to help bolster the holding support efforts especially when it is located near private property boundaries or within WUI proximity. There were a few adjustments that had to be made by resources during the burn day’s operations as a result of a rather shifty wind pattern that was not reflected in the Spot weather forecast and the initial attack activity that occurred during the day on the district. However, the vigilance, professionalism and tactical expertise of the resources on the burn made for a non-issue as the prescription parameters remained in the acceptable range.

Around 18:30, when ignitions concluded, the fire began to hold its self in place as the humidity recoveries and fuel moistures began to rise. The resulting burndown revealed that the heavy dead and down was doing a nice job of consuming, this morning’s scout of the unit will provide good insight to consumption amounts and burndown results. I have to say in regards to the DS-7 unit is that the siviculture work that was done in the area previously is exceptional. The thinning, piling and general maintenance of the timber stand was extremely thorough. It made our jobs as prescribed fire implementers a lot more manageable. I believe that the end product will be excellent and will be a direct result of the work done ahead of the burning.

With the top of the DS-6 unit being blacklined and a day of burning under our belt we now have a good read on the expected fire behavior and a good uphill buffer for the remaining units. With the blacklining is completed across the top of the unit along the private boundary, crews will be able to move a little quicker through the middle of the unit as they work their way down toward the 10S24D road and on into DS-7. It is expected that both DS-6 & DS-7 will be completed by the end of shift today. Ignitions are expected to continue through at least Thursday. The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is expecting poor air dispersion conditions starting Friday through the weekend, so with that we will adjust as needed and stay poised for the opportunities as they arise.

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypePrescribed Fire
Date of OriginTuesday October 03rd, 2017 approx. 10:30 AM
LocationLocated east of Dinkey Creek Rd. on McKinley Grove Rd. near Strawberry Meadow
Incident DescriptionUnderstory Burn

Current Situation

Total Personnel45
Size100 Acres

Unit Information

USFS Shield
Sierra National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
1600 Tollhouse Road
Clovis, CA 93611

Incident Contacts

Chris Fernandez
Email: cfernandez@fs.fed.us
Phone: 559-765-7349
Hours: M-F 8-4:30

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