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Sequoia Lightning Fires

Unit Information

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
National Park Service
47050 Generals Highway
Three Rivers, CA, CA 93271

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This incident is no longer being updated.

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After an in-depth analysis of recent lightning-caused fires in the Jennie Lakes Wilderness and the Sequoia & Kings Canyon Wilderness, fire managers, along with Forest Service and National Park Service leadership, are now jointly monitoring three wildfires. A fourth wildfire, the Trail Fire, is being monitored by the Sequoia National Forest.

These fires currently pose no threat to life, property, improvements, or infrastructure. All four fires are located in designated wilderness areas where fire has naturally occurred for thousands of years.

By using this tactic, fire managers are greatly reducing the risk to firefighters by limiting exposure in rugged and remote areas of the forest and park. Additionally, both agencies are minimizing the use of firefighting resources during this critical time of year; allowing those resources to be available to respond to fires that do pose risks to life and property.

The status of the four fires and their respective jurisdictions are:

Comanche Fire
Current Size: 0.1 acres
Current situation: Declared out
Jurisdiction: Kings Canyon National Park
Restrictions: None
Closures: None

Seville Fire
Current Size: 0.1 acres
Current situation: Smoldering.
Jurisdiction: Kings Canyon National Park
Restrictions: None
Closures: None

Rowell Fire
Current Size: 40-42 acres
Current situation: Smoldering, creeping
Jurisdiction: Sequoia National Forest & Kings Canyon National Park
Restrictions: None
Closures: None

Trail Fire
Current Size: 15-20 acres
Current situation: Creeping
Jurisdiction: Sequoia National Forest
Restrictions: None
Closures: None

Smoke may be visible to those traveling in this area. Smoke and air quality management is of high importance to Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument, and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. Visitors can visit to learn more about specific current air quality and forecasts for this area.

Both agencies have fire restrictions in place for various areas. For more information visit:
- Sequoia National Forest / Giant Sequoia National Monument:
- Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks:


9/3/17: Fires were patrolled by helicopter today and have shown no growth. One photo was added of the Seville Fire.

9/13/17: Fires were observed via air this week and have shown no significant growth.

9/14/17: The area was flown by helicopter. Growth was observed on the Rowell and Trail Fires to each still be less than 1 acre via GPS. Fire activity on the Rowell and Trail was creeping and smoldering.

9/17/17: Fire were patrolled via helicopter. Growth was observed on the Trail Fire to be 1 acre. Other fires have no change in size. Two new photos added.

9/21/17: The Rowell Fire was on the ground mapped yesterday by firefighters and is now two acres. A map of the Rowell Fire has been added. All other fires are the same size. Measurable rain has fallen across the area.

10/1/17: Fires were flown via the parks' helicopter on 9/30. No growth observed on any of the fires.

10/8/17: Fires were patrolled by the parks' helicopter on 10/7. Growth only observed on the Rowell Fire, now estimated at 5 - 6 acres. New picture added of Rowell Fire.

10/18/17: Parks' helicopter flew the fires on 10/17. Comanche has been declared out. Other fires showing minimal activity.

10/23/17: The Trail and Rowell Fire were ground mapped by firefighters from Sequoia National Forest. New pictures added.

10/30/17: Forest's helicopter flew the fires on 10/29. Trail and Rowell Fires have increased in size. Seville continues to show smoke.

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypeWildfire
LocationJennie Lakes Wilderness and the Sequoia & Kings Canyon Wilderness
Incident CommanderSequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and Sequoia National Forest
Coordinates36.685 latitude, -118.731 longitude

Current Situation

Size62 Acres
Fuels Involved

High elevation conifer - dominated by red fir.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

Cooler temps and the onset of winter.