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Seven Cabins

Unit Information

Lincoln National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
3463 Las Palomas Rd.
Alamogordo, NM 88310

USFS Shield

This incident is no longer being updated.

A vicinity map of the Seven Cabins Fire (pdf) can be viewed by clicking on the "MAPS" tab. The map is dated 2/28/17 and the fire size at the time was estimated to be approximately 400 acres.


FINAL UPDATE for Seven Cabins Fire - 3/3/17 6:00 pm: This is the FINAL UPDATE for the Seven Cabins Fire, which is now 100% contained. The fire was GPS's again, once the containment line was 100% completed and the new updated acreage is 504 acres. Demobilization of resources continues and 59 firefighters remain assigned to the incident. All suppression operations, which mostly involve mop-up, are going well and no injuries, accidents or illnesses have been reported to date. This is the LAST update unless there is a significant change to report
(then an update will be posted immediately to provide information regarding that "change").

There are no changes to report this morning (as of 3/3/17, 9:15 am). The next update will be posted this evening (around 7 pm), UNLESS there is a significant change to report.

Seven Cabins Fire Update - 3/2/17 7:30 pm: The fire is now 70% contained. Firefighters will continue working on containment. Some firefighting resources were released today. There are 63 firefighters assigned to this fire. Suppression operations are going well and no injuries, accidents or illnesses have been reported.

Seven Cabins Fire Update - 3/2/17 10:30 am: Firefighters continue working on containment. Containment - The status of a wildfire suppression action signifying that a control line has been completed around the fire, and any associated spot fire, which can reasonably be expected to stop the fire's spread.
Due to the rough, rugged terrain that firefighters are working in, containment is more labor intensive. They are primarily using handtools, such as the Pulaski to "cut line" along the fire perimeter and remove all fuels (vegetation) that lie between the fire and the adjacent fuels (surrounding the fire). Once the fireline is established and free of vegetation, the percent containment of the fire will increase.

Seven Cabins Fire Update - 3/1/17 7:30 pm: Firefighters made good progress today securing the fireline and mopping-up interior hot spots. The fire perimeter was GPS'd today and based on the GPS data collected, the accurate size of the fire is 532 acres. Containment remains at 40%. No additional resources are needed and the total number of firefighters assigned to the incident is 70. No injuries, accidents or illnesses reported.

Regarding smoke, in the event of a prescribed fire or wildfire: If visibility becomes lower because of smoke, please visit the NM Department of Health’s smoke page:

Seven Cabins Fire Update - 3/1/17 - 9:30 am: Today firefighters will focus on securing the fireline around the perimeter of the fire, which remains at 630 acres (estimated). Current weather conditions will help considerably as firefighters work on securing the firelines and mopping-up are where smoldering fuels are still present.

Seven Cabins Fire Update - 2/28/17 - 7:00 pm: Firefighters successfully held the fire through today's winds and were able to keep it from spreading beyond the current size of 630 acres. The fire remains at 40% containment. Additional firefighting personnel arrived on scene today, bringing the total number of firefighters assigned to the Seven Cabins fire to 70. Equipment including water tenders, bulldozer and engines are also assigned to the incident. The primary source of fuel for the fire is grass, therefore flame lengths are estimated to be 6 - 12 inches, however, it is still active in very rough, rugged terrain. All personnel are trained to maintain a high awareness and pro-active approach to safety. To date, no injuries have been reported.

Seven Cabins Fire Update – 2/28/17 12:30 pm:
Firefighters are continuing suppression efforts, however windy conditions are still contributing to additional fire growth. The Seven Cabins fire is now estimated to be 630 acres, with 40% of the fire perimeter contained. Additional firefighting resources have been requested. Currently, 46 firefighters are assigned to the fire.

Seven Cabins Fire Update – 2/27/17 8:00 pm: Firefighters continued suppression efforts today as high wind gusts materialized this afternoon, resulting in one spot fire that ignited a small fire in a patch of grass outside of the fireline. The spot fire grew to about 15 acres, however, firefighters were able construct a fireline around it quickly to keep it from spreading further. Today’s acreage (estimate) is 430 acres. Additional firefighting resources, which included 2 – 10 person hand crews arrived on scene today. There are now 45 firefighters assigned to the Seven Cabins fire.

Seven Cabins Fire Update – 2/27/17 10:30 am: There was additional growth reported on the fire last night and it is now estimated to be about 400 – 440 acres. The perimeter is being GPS’d and the acreage will be accurately reported once that information is received (most likely this afternoon). Although the fire area received some light snow flurries during the night, the heavy slash combined with wind and rugged terrain contributed to the fire growth. A dozer line has been constructed around the fire and additional hand crews will arrive today. The firefighters will focus on reinforcing the hand line and increasing the containment, which is currently 30%.

Initial Seven Cabins Fire Update: The Seven Cabins fire was reported Sunday morning (2/26/17). Forest Service firefighters arrived on scene around 10:30 am and determined the fire to be 5-7 acres. The fire is burning in very rough, rugged terrain – through dense slash, juniper and grass. Winds gusting to 20 mph resulted in additional fire growth (now estimated at 50 – 100 acres). The Incident Commander ordered additional firefighting resources to assist with the suppression efforts. Several interagency engines from within zone (Pecos Zone) responded today and three crews are expected to arrive tomorrow (2/27/17).

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypeWildfire
Date of OriginSunday February 26th, 2017 approx. 09:00 AM
Location8 miles NW of Arabela, NM; N of Capitan Mountains Wilderness Area
Incident CommanderT.Schiele (Lincoln Co.)/R.Hough (USFS-T)
Incident DescriptionWildfire
Coordinates33.653 latitude, -105.289 longitude

Current Situation

Total Personnel59
Size504 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained100%
Fuels Involved

Juniper, grass, heavy slash

Significant Events

The fire is 100% contained and the final GPS'd acreage is 504. As of 3/3/17, 59 firefighting resources remain committed to incident.


Planned Actions

Continue with suppression (mostly mop-up) operations within the established containment line, with is 100% complete.

Projected Incident Activity

Continue with suppression efforts.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns

Weather conditions are expected to remain favorable through Friday.