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White River (& Irving Peak)

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Unit Information

215 Melody Lane 
215 Melody Lane 

Incident Contacts

  • Fire Information Line
    M-F 8am-5pm

Smoke Update

White River (& Irving Peak)
News - 10/02/2022
 Smoke from the White River, Irving Peak, and Minnow Ridge fires will continue to impact local communities. Smoke dispersal is heavily influenced by weather and winds. The next few days will continue to be smoky, with some clearing Wednesday afternoon (9/28) through Friday due to a cold front moving into the area. Smoky conditions will return Saturday through the weekend and may linger for several days. Smoke from the Minnow Ridge fire is likely to impact the local vicinity until a season ending event (multiple days of significant rain or snow). Individuals who are sensitive to smoke may want to take precautions such as reducing outdoor activities. Fire updates will be infrequent unless significant changes in activity occur.