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Boulder Mountain Fire

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  • Boulder Mountain Fire Information
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Boulder Mountain Fire update for Thursday, Sept. 22

Boulder Mountain Fire
News - 09/22/2022

 Boulder Mountain FireCUSICK, Wash. The cold front moving into the fire area will potentially bring sustained winds and a 10% probability of wetting rain.  Wetting rain is widespread showers that over an extended period of time significantly reduce fire danger.  One tenth of an inch may be sufficient to decrease fire danger in grass and up to one half inch may be necessary for timber.

In order to reduce and mitigate landslides, firefighters utilize water bars to prevent water drainage that would follow topography established in sloped dozer lines.  Heavy equipment with capabilities of working on steep slopes are used to rehabilitate the fire line where equipment was used to create a fire break.  Natural vegetation is scattered on top of water bars and fire lines to slow the movement of rainwater to reduce the probability of sluffing of debris.  Firefighters assist in areas where equipment is unable to navigate. Utilizing equipment and firefighters to revert the environment to normal conditions due to suppression activities and prevent soil erosion is an essential component of wildland fire management.  Returning the forest to its natural habitat will maintain recreational activities including hunting, hiking and camping as well as reducing the probability of future adverse impacts. Safety: Safety of firefighters and members of the public are our first priority.  All hunters are encouraged to become familiarized with the USFS closure area, don personal protective equipment and practice safe hunting practices as forest grouse season gets under way. Closures: An area closure remains in place for the Boulder Mountain Fire on the Colville National Forest. For a map and complete description of the closure area, including a list of trails and roads, go to