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Boulder Mountain Fire

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  • Boulder Mountain Fire Information
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Boulder Mountain Fire update for Saturday, Sept. 24

Boulder Mountain Fire
News - 09/24/2022

 CUSICK, Wash. Firefighters are completing containment lines in key areas of the fire, while mopping up and rehabilitating lines in areas that are fully secured.

Saw lines have been completed in the northwest corner of the fire where vegetation was too dense to effectively build handline or dozer lines. Instead, firefighters used chain saws to cut down or thin out heavy brush, tree limbs, and trees to disrupt fuel continuity. On the northeast part of the incident some dozer lines still need to be cleaned up and repaired. Mop-up, gridding for heat, suppression repair and rehabilitation are simultaneously taking place around the fire perimeter. This work includes removing brush/slash from road shoulders and grading where necessary.  The incident has begun the removal process of dispersed equipment across the incident this process is known as backhaul.  This back-haul process includes the gathering up of supplies and equipment no longer needed for suppressing the fire. Another important step is removing signage, flagging tape and other debris established during suppression operations. The goal of this work is to provide restoration to the landscape to the greatest extent possible, post fire. “Suppression repair is an important process toward finalizing our suppression work for the Boulder Mountain fire, and we want to finish our assignment strong” said Bill Neckels, incident commander trainee for Northwest 13 IMT.  Weather was cooler on Friday as temperatures were cooler than seasonal norms for this time of year. Forecasted Weather, is predicting a return to warmer and drier conditions for the weekend, which could stimulate interior consumption but not jeopardize containment lines. Closures: An area closure remains in place for the Boulder Mountain Fire on the Colville National Forest. For a map and complete description of the closure area, including a list of trails and roads, go to