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Calf Canyon

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New Mexico 
Santa Fe, 
New Mexico 
Santa Fe, 

Incident Contacts

  • Calf Canyon Fire Information
    8am to 8pm
  • Santa Fe National Forest Public Affairs

Calf Canyon Hermits Peak Update August 31

Calf Canyon
News - 08/31/2022


Highlights: On August 30, the US Forest Service and Mora County hosted a community meeting in Mora with over 150 members of the public and representatives from more than 10 different agencies. Community members were able to ask questions and voice concerns about wildfire and flooding impacts related to the burned area. Agency representatives presented information about available services such as debris removal, covering uninsured or underinsured losses, emergency watershed protection including aerial seeding and point protection, agricultural lands impacted by flooding, and hazardous tree removal.

Operations: The Incident Management Team continues to manage the implementation of suppression repair efforts such as fixing culverts, roads, and fences along with mulching dozer and hand lines. On the southern section of the fire area, suppression repair needs are nearing completion. Crews are making significant progress hauling logs from the northern area thanks to their efficient and dedicated work, along with continued cooperation and communication with the local communities. Within this northern section, fire crews have been extracting, loading, and hauling logs to multiple collection sites. Over the next several months, these logs will be re-distributed to other community distribution sites around the fire area. Air curtain burners have proven useful for incinerating smaller slash and other debris left over from suppression activities.  

Closures: On August 9, the Santa Fe National Forest reduced the fire closure area, opening additional access to the Pecos Wilderness. To view the closure order and map, please visit Santa Fe - Alerts & Notices ( Due to the progress of suppression repair, more areas in the Camino Real Ranger District on the Carson National Forest were reopened on August 24. To view the new closure order and map, please visit Carson National Forest - Alerts & Notices ( More areas will reopen over time as suppression repair is completed and areas become safe to reenter. Areas directly burned by the fire or at continued risk from flash flooding may stay closed longer for firefighter and public safety. Short-term closures in reopened areas may still occur from time to time. As hunting season begins, details and maps for newly reopened areas will continue to be updated on the Santa Fe and Carson Forest Alerts & Notices webpages and forest social media.

Weather: A high pressure system located to the north and northwest will produce daily isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms each afternoon into the weekend. Widespread storms that have been active in the area will now move into southeastern New Mexico. The risk for flash flooding will remain each afternoon, along with risk of increased lightning activity.

Fire Flooding and Recovery Resources: 2022 Wildland Fires Resources Hotline: wildfires/ | After Wildfire New Mexico Guide: | Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fires Burned Area Emergency Response:  

For questions or concerns related to flooding, please call the New Mexico State Emergency Operations Center at 1-800-432-2080. For federal disaster with fire or flood damage to your primary residence, please call the FEMA Helpline at 1-800-621-3362.

Private Land Suppression Repair Survey (English and Spanish): Call 720-417-8048 for assistance in English, or 505-398-3889 for assistance in Spanish.

Fire Information: Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM | Phone: 505-356-2636| Email:

Online Fire Information Resources: | | |Santa Fe National Forest Twitter | | Santa Fe National Forest | Carson National Forest