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Bull Gin Complex

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31374 US Hwy 2 Libby Montana 59923 
31374 US Hwy 2 Libby Montana 59923 

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    8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (7 days a week)

09.24.2022 Daily Update

Bull Gin Complex
News - 09/24/2022

Total Acreage: 4,259
Completion: 36%


Government Fire: 2,768 acres
Billiard Fire: 1,201 acres
Isabella Lake Fire: 290 acres

HIGHLIGHTS: Firefighters have increased completion from 32% to 36%. Fire activity remains minimal following Thursday’s rain event. Minimal fire activity will continue for the next few days. Satellite imagery shows that any remaining heat is isolated throughout fire interiors and is mostly occurring within the Government Fire. Crews are mopping up, including the Walness Fire that started three days ago. Resources are also continuing to advance suppression repair.


Government Fire: Mastication was completed yesterday. Firefighters will continue to monitor the fire’s edge near private residences. Crews are mopping up the fire area from C Spur Road, connecting to the handline. Dozer line repair work will require another few days of excavator work.


Billiard Fire: Firefighters are mopping up and advancing suppression repair. Crews continue to focus on cleaning out culverts obstructed from mastication-related activities. Suppression repair along the Billiard Cabin Road and Fatman Road is nearly complete. Excavators will continue road repairs in other areas for the next several days. Tree fellers will continue to remove hazard trees along Fatman Road, where feasible.


Isabella Lake Fire: The Grangeville Helitack Crew will remove the structure wrap off the bridge in the fire area.


WEATHER: Over the next few days, temperatures will slowly rise. Today will be about 5° warmer than yesterday. A large ridge of high pressure is returning to the area. This will slowly increase temperatures and decrease humidity. Nevertheless, relative humidity will remain at or above 40 percent, even in the afternoons. The warmest days ahead will be Monday through Wednesday, reaching the upper-60s to mid-70s.


Pre-Evacuation Zone Update: As of 6:00 AM today, September 24, 2022, all pre-evacuation zones for the Bull Gin Complex/Government Fire are lifted. The residents along Government Mountain Road and Timber Ridge Road are no longer in pre-evacuation status.

Closures: All closure orders remain in effect until further notice. Government Mountain Road and Rock Creek Road remain closed to the public. The Noxon Refuse Site remains open during regular hours. Area, road, and trail closures are in place for the Government, Billiard, and Isabella Lake Fires to provide for public safety and firefighting operations. See Inciweb for maps and closure descriptions:


WHAT IS SUPRESSION REPAIR? Wildfire suppression repair is a set of different actions (immediately taken) to repair damages caused by firefighting activities. It can include repairing culverts, restoring roads and trails to their pre-fire condition, reducing the appearance of dozer and hand line, and other similar activities. The goal of suppression repair is to immediately minimize the potential of soil erosion and other negative impacts resulting from fire suppression activities.

Information Phone Line: 406-426-9644