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Hog Trough Fire

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1801 North 1st  
1801 North 1st  

Incident Contacts

  • Hog Trough Fire Information
    Daily 8am-8pm

Hog Trough Fire Daily Update August 25, 2022

Hog Trough Fire
News - 08/26/2022

Yesterday evening, the Hog Trough Fire received significant precipitation when a thunderstorm with a heavy rain core moved over the fire area. Today, fire managers will assess the level of impact this weather event, combined with weather forecasts, will have on future fire behavior. Crews have been working to steer the fire into previously burned areas to the south where fuels are less abundant and fire intensity will be lower. On the north and northwest flanks of the fire, where the perimeter is closest to the Skalkaho Highway corridor, the fire is contained and in patrol status. 

Yesterday on the southwest flank of the fire, crews completed improvements on the Weasel Creek Trail fireline, tying it from the edge of the fire to the 1135 road. Today, a dozer will improve line along the South Fork of Skalkaho Creek on the 503 trail. Together these lines will prevent the fire from hooking around to the north toward the Skalkaho Highway corridor. 

Yesterday to the southeast, with fuels receptive and favorable weather conditions, fire crews successfully conducted planned firing operations off of the 8013 trail, which extends beyond where the 5071 road ends. Firing operations are conducted in a safe and controlled manner after test burns are lit that will assess operational feasibility and receptiveness of fuels. When completed, these firing operations will provide 50-150 more feet of depth to the fuel break and will reduce the opportunity for slop over fires, while steering the fire to the south into previous burns where fuels are less densely accumulated. Today, under wet conditions, crews will run chipping operations along the 5070 and 5071 roads.

Thunderstorms with heavy rain cores are expected today. Abundant moisture will remain in the atmosphere, leading to elevated relative humidity values and a chance for wetting rains. Winds will switch to westerly in the afternoon and evening and become gusty. Fire behavior on the Hog Trough Fire will be minimal today.


Skalkaho Highway (Highway 38) is open. 

Road Closures:

  • Skalkaho Road (Forest Service road 75) and  Forest Service road 711 are both closed at the junction of Skalkaho Highway, including the ancillary roads leading from the 711 Road.  Skalkaho Road is open past Mile Marker 5 (Skalkaho Creek-Jerry Lake Trailhead #503).
  • Forest Service roads 5070 and 5071 are closed.

  Trail Closures:

  • Railroad Creek, National Forest System Trail #77 to Trail #313 at the gate. 
  • Weasel Creek, National Forest System Trail #156 from milepost 0.00 at its junction with NFSR #461.
  • A section of the Bitterroot Rock Creek Divide Trail #313, National Forest System Trail #313 where it intersects Trail #77 Railroad Creek, Weasel Creek Trail #156. 
  • Skalkaho Creek – Jerry Lake Trail #503, National Forest System Trail #503. 

  Fire Restrictions: Stage 2 Fire Restrictions on all Bitterroot National Forest lands in Montana. See for more specific restrictions information.