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Kootenai River Complex BAER

Unit Information

3232 West Nursery Road 
Coeur d'Alene, 
3232 West Nursery Road 
Coeur d'Alene, 

Incident Contacts

  • IPNF Fire Information Line

Kootenai River Complex BAER Assessment and Map

Kootenai River Complex BAER
News - 11/18/2022

Kootenai River Complex

Burned Area Emergency Response Assessment

October 2022

Boundary County, Idaho

Bonner’s Ferry Ranger District: Idaho Panhandle National Forest


The Kootenai River Complex includes several fire ignitions that started during lightning storms that occurred in August 2022, all on the Bonners Ferry Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. The first fire that was detected, Eneas Peak, was confirmed on August 13th, followed by the Trout Fire, the Russell Mountain Fire, the Scotch Fire, and the Katka fire. All fires burned in the Selkirks Northwest of Bonners Ferry, except for the Katka Fire which is located in the Cabinet Mountain Range approximately 8 miles east of Bonners Ferry. On September 2, 2022, the Eneas Peak, Katka, Russell Mountain, Scotch Creek, and Trout Fires were officially grouped into the Kootenai River Complex. Fires burned in overly steep and rocky terrain, resulting in mostly indirect fire suppression tactics along the eastern flank. Direct fire suppression tactics were utilized occasionally in the form of aerial operations with water bucket drops.

By the time of the BAER assessment, the Eneas Peak, Russell Mountain, Scotch Creek and Trout fires had merged into one fire perimeter. While the Katka and Long Canyon Fires were managed as a part of the complex, the geographic isolation from the bulk of the fire, as well as the size of these fires were suspected to not be a priority of this BAER assessment. A helicopter flight on October 12th by the BAER team lead confirmed that an in-depth analysis of the Katka and Long Canyon fires were unnecessary due to the low overall severity of the fire, size, and lack of BAER critical values proximal to these fires.

The BAER assessment began on October 11, using a BARC image that utilized a post-fire image for the dNBR dating October 1, 2022. The fire was still active and flanking at the time of the BAER assessment, and access to field verify the affected trail systems was compromised due to personnel safety concerns from fire-weakened trees. An interim BAER assessment may be utilized after a more thorough field evaluation of trail infrastructure.


Please see attached document for a full assessment and map of area.