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KNP Complex

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47050 Generals Highway 
Three Rivers, 
47050 Generals Highway 
Three Rivers, 

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  • Public Fire Information Line
    8 am - 5 pm 7 days

KNP Complex Update for October 25, 2021

KNP Complex
News - 10/25/2021

 October 25, 2021 


Acres: 88,307 acres
Containment: 63% 

Start Date: September 10, 2021
Cause: Lightning 

Jurisdiction: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks; Sequoia National Forest 

Resources: 527 personnel including: 7 crews, 15 engines, 4 water tenders, 2 dozers and 7 helicopters 


Containment on the KNP Complex has increased to 63 percent. Firefighters are monitoring the weather and will be adjusting their operations as safety permits. If necessary, crews will shelter in place and re-engage as soon as the weather allows. Firefighters will soon be transitioning to suppression repair work in areas of the fire that are uncontained but have shown no movement and no heat signatures. The firefighters have been utilizing Minimal Impact Suppression Tactics to help assist with restoring the burn area. 

Minimal Impact Suppression Techniques or Minimal Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) refers to a method of firefighting designed to minimize the effects of fire suppression activities on the land, wildlife, watersheds, and facilities. MIST has established several guidelines utilized protect these resources while accounting for firefighter safety. Some of these methods include allowing fires to burn to natural barriers; using the minimum depth and width of fire containment lines to check the fire’s spread while disturbing the ground as little as possible; using equipment such as excavators and rubber-tired tractors instead of dozers; cutting shrubs or small trees only when necessary; cutting trees or snags only when they threaten containment lines or the safety of personnel and avoiding dropping retardant or other suppressants within 300 feet of surface water when possible, to name a few.  

When doing suppression repair work, fire crews will scatter any small trees or large brush cut during containment line construction to give a more natural appearance. Woodchippers can be used to reduce vegetation and spread organic material to conceal bare soil areas. Soil and decomposing plant material (duff), which was dug out to stop the fire spread should be spread back where it was removed. Waterbars can be constructed on slopes greater than six percent to intercept water flowing down-hill and divert it to areas with more vegetation and more soil stability. Crews also work to remove all signs of human activity, such as flagging, trash, and equipment. 

Weather: A Flash Flood Watch is in effect until 11 pm today, due to the potential for flash flooding and debris flows. Moderate to heavy rain is expected to bring with 2-3 inches over central California, and as much as 5 inches possible in higher elevations.  


Safety: Please be aware of and respect closures and reduce speeds when traveling in and around the fire area.  


Evacuations: Visit:  


Closures: Visit: