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KNP Complex

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Unit Information

47050 Generals Highway 
Three Rivers, 
47050 Generals Highway 
Three Rivers, 

Incident Contacts

  • Public Fire Information Line
    8 am - 5 pm 7 days

KNP Complex Update for October 24, 2021

KNP Complex
News - 10/24/2021

KNP Complex Update
October 24, 2021


Acres: 88,307 acres                                                                                         Containment: 60%
Start Date: September 10, 2021                                                                Cause: Lightning
Jurisdiction: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks; Sequoia National Forest
Resources: 587 personnel including: 11 crews, 15 engines, 4 water tenders, 2 dozers and 7 helicopters

Changing weather is already making its presence known on the KNP Complex, and the fire showed no growth along the existing perimeter. Fog and cloud cover grounded aircraft, due to limited visibility, but helped to moderate fire behavior. Crews working near Atwell Grove, along Mineral Kings Road, were pulled away from their work assignments due to slick road conditions and drivers using excessive speed. Motorists are asked to please be mindful of fire personnel and fire apparatus working along roads.

Since the fire started Sept. 10, firefighters have constructed 47.25 miles of direct dozer line and 7.99 miles of direct hand line; 31.67 miles of indirect dozer line and 16.59 miles of indirect hand line. At its peak, there were 2,118 people working on the fire. Of the 88,307 acres burned, 78,168 belong to the National Park Service; 7,086 belong to the National Forest Service; 1,162 belong to the Bureau of Land Management; and 1,862 belong to private or other entities. There has been a total of five Incident Management Teams in charge of managing the fires.

An Incident Management Team (IMT) is dispatched to manage the operational, logistical, informational, planning, fiscal, community, political, and safety issues associated with complex incidents. IMTs include people from federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial entities. National "Type 1" IMTs are available for assignment to manage large-scale, complex incidents anywhere in the United States. These incidents usually involve large wildfires; however, Type 1 Teams can be assigned to any complex all-risk situation which could include hurricanes, floods, and other disasters. National “Type 2” IMTs can be assigned to major fires, VIP visits, lengthy search and rescues, law enforcement incidents, multi-day special events.  There are 14 Type 1 and 23 Type 2 IMTs across the country. Each team is deployed to an incident for 14-21 days before another IMT is brought in to relieve them. The teams are required to take three days off before being placed available for another assignment.

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect from 11 pm Sunday through 11 pm Monday due to the potential for flash flooding and debris flows. A strong storm system will drive narrow a corridor of concentrated moisture, known as an “atmospheric river” inland over northern California on Sunday. Rain will become moderate to heavy at times overnight through Monday.

Please be aware of and respect closures and reduce speeds when traveling in and around the fire area.