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McKinney Fire

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Unit Information

1711 S. Main St 
1711 S. Main St 

Incident Contacts

  • Klamath National Forest
    Daily 8-5p

McKinney Fire Evacuations Lifted 8/18/2022

McKinney Fire
Announcement - 08/18/2022

All evacuations have been lifted on the McKinney Fire as of 8/18/2022. 

This document contains important general information and resources. Specific repopulation/ access to revisit information for the McKinney Fire, when available, can be found on the Siskiyou County website under: McKinney Fire Information.


YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN. Some, but not all, of the factors that need to be considered before any evacuations can be lifted are:

• Amount of fire personnel still working in an area and the type of work being performed.

• Damage to roads/guardrails, etc. that must be repaired prior to allowing public access.

• Removal of trees or large debris impacting the roadway.

• Damage to utility infrastructure that must be repaired prior to allowing public access (e.g., clearing power lines from roadways, replacing downed power poles, etc.).

• Public health considerations. When evacuations are lifted and repopulation/ access to revisit begins to occur, it may sometimes include the entire evacuation area but, more likely, will affect only one portion of the evacuation area at a time. When an area is repopulated, we ask those residents to please be mindful of people working in the area as essential services continue to be restored. Stay vigilant as you drive into areas that have been impacted by the fire as road crews, firefighters, and other personnel are focused on completing their assignments. As traffic flow is introduced into these areas, people may be more focused on the damage and not aware of their immediate surroundings.

Please stay alert and pay attention.

As the McKinney Fire burn area, please be aware that there may be intermittent power outages and associated road closures as power is restored or equipment is repaired throughout the impacted areas. Because there are many toxic hazards that can exist when returning to your home after a wildfire, we urge you to take safety precautions, such as personal protective equipment (breathing protection, proper clothing, gloves, boots, and eye/face protection) please refer to the Public Health Proclamation to ensure your safety.

Know you hazards before entering a structure footprint to ensure cross contamination of the Klamath Watershed

Click here to learn more about how to safely re-enter areas burned by wildfire.


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