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Incident information is organized using a series of data tables based on geographical information. Tables list ten incidents at a time. When more than ten incidents are available navigation links allow you to access additional pages.

Data Filter

Incident data can be filtered by using the filter form on the right-hand side of any table page. Filter settings affect the view of all table data, the results of main menu links, as well as the articles and statistical information displayed in the right-hand column. Data filters have no affect on the “Jump to” drop down menu or specific incident information.


There are a number of ways to access information in InciWeb. Incident information is listed in a tables and organized by national, state, and unit incidents. There are also drop down menus for quickly accessing a specific incident or state incidents. The filtering mechanism mentioned above allows you to narrow, or expand data results.

The main menu consists of links to standardized information. As you drill down into specific information, the results of the menu links will be relative to the level you have drilled down to. For instance, if have drilled down to a specific state the “Pictures” link will only display pictures of incidents for that particular state.

Bread Crumbs

The breadcrumb trail (see “You are here” below the logo) is used to display the level, or path, that are currently viewing. This is useful when directly accessing specific incident information from an external source. For instance, when viewing a map the breadcrumb path will display the incident, unit, and state associated with that incident.

Jump to Menu

The jump menu allows you to quickly access specific incident information, or the state table of incidents. The options in the drop down menu are not affected by any filter settings or the geographical level in which you are currently viewing.

Table Navigation

Tables of incidents are presented nationally, by state, and by unit. Depending on the level, the table can provide links to the state and unit level tables, as well links to specific incident information.

Sorting Tables

The table data is sorted by listing the most recently updated incidents first. You can resort data by selecting any of the column headings in the table.

News and Announcements

News releases and announcements are listed in the right-hand column of most pages. Articles are automatically filtered as you drill down into data. For instance, when viewing the table of incidents in California the list of articles will be only for the state of California.

Data Filter


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